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Skid Solutions

Skid Applications

ARPON offers contemporary special solutions with its quality product range and experienced experience. KİMYA designs and manufactures industrial facilities such as PAPER, FOOD, MINING, FUEL, ENERGY, and water and wastewater industry-specific systems.


Chemical Dosing Systems

PURIFICATION, INDUSTRY, FOOD, MINING, TEXTILE, in many sectors and in many applications such as swimming pool disinfection, process water preparation, cooling water towers, it is a state-of-the-art solution partner with its many specially designed systems where precise measurement and control are important. Arpon offers special solutions for systems suitable for different automation in the same applications with OBL, VERDERAIR, ROTAN, VERDERMAG and VERDERHUS products.



Dosing Skid Systems for Power Plants

In order to improve the water used by the power plant in the process and to protect its various lines, it is injected in different structures and doses chemicals. It offers dosing systems with high precision OBL dosing pumps and high production pumps in applications where chemicals such as ammonia, trisodium phosphate, hydrazine, FeCl3 and H2SO4 need to be dosed precisely. Injection can be on-line, sometimes intermittent or linear. Today, when energy consumption is important, system design is also important together with the right product selection.

It offers special solutions for systems suitable for different automation in the same applications with OBL, VERDERAIR, ROTAN, VERDERMAG and VERDERHUS products in Arpon.


Cooling Tower Dosing Skid Systems

Dosing systems used in cooling towers generally provide the injection of inhibitor, dispersant, acid, hypochlorite, bromine, and system-specific chemicals.

In the systems, pH, conductivity, ORP, free chlorine, turbidity, dissolved oxygen and measuring devices are used and the measured values ​​can be recorded. According to the measured values, the amount of chemical dosage is automatically made in terms of economy in the use of chemicals and water.



Arpon can be packaged on turn-key basis with OBL products within the scope of demands. The dosage systems are supported by PLC / SCADA, making remote monitoring and control possible.


Dosing Skid Systems for Petrochemical Plants

Arpon offers special solutions for petrochemical plants with products such as OBL, HYDRACELL, ROTAN, VERDERMAG and VERDERHUS . A

These products, which have ex-proof conditions, comply with the API norms. Pumps, valves, measurement control equipment, isolation and necessary requirements are designed according to the system requirements.


Dosing Skid Systems for the Paper Industry

One of the most important parameters for paper production is the amount of chemicals dosed and the injection method.

In the production, the dosage of chemicals required for the process such as powder polymer, liquid polymer, anti-sclatans, biocides, bromine and hypo mixtures, wet and dry cardboard chemicals are made.

It offers special solutions with OBL, VERDERAIR, ROTAN, VERDERMAG, VERDERAIR and VERDERHUS products.


Odorising Systems

In accordance with the relevant legislation and standards, natural gas and its derivatives odores are used to ensure that natural gas leaks can be detected. The odorization systems required in refinery and filling facilities can be designed and produced on turnkey basis and delivered to the customer.

Arpon offers a turnkey solution with explosion protection, leak detectors, high precision OBL dosing pumps, tank, valve and required measurement control in applications where chemicals need to be dosed precisely.


Fuel-Oil Skid Systems

We offer high quality customized Fuel Oil Skid package system solutions for power plants. These skid systems provide the desired flow at the appropriate temperature and pressure for the turbines and generators.

Fuel Skid system consists of the following equipment.

Process pump in accordance with ISO 5199 or API 610

Single or double basket filter

  • Control Panel
  • Instruments (Discharge valve, Pressure sensor, Manometer…)
  • Suction-Discharge line valves, piping and collectors