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Today, the ceramic industry has a wide range of uses. It covers a very wide spectrum.

The ceramic manufacturing process also creates a harsh working environment for pumps. Mud prepared as ceramic raw material is an abrasive and high viscosity liquid containing clay. This can cause many problems with the pumps. Many facilities design tanks to require a self priming pump. VERDERFLEX exhibits a long suction, economical and trouble-free performance with its high absorption ability and hose technology for highly corrosive environments.

VERDERAIR air diaphragm pumps are a common solution for sludge transfer. Verderair pumps offer a wide range of materials for wetted parts that come into contact with the liquid. With its unique Geolast ball and diaphragm material, it promises long life, high suction capability, high strength and durable pressure. Verder Air pumps, which work in harsh environments, perform their duties in harsh environments thanks to their specially designed air valve. Since neither product contains gaskets, they provide a radical solution to sealing problems that may occur with other pump types.

The front of the ceramic is covered with a row of materials, so a smooth, shiny and high-strength material is obtained. Many additives are used as raw materials in glaze preparation. These are silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, zinc oxide, colemanite, titanium dioxide, etc. They are corrosive substances. These raw materials negative effect on the pumps such as short maintenance time.

VERDERPURE Series PE (Polyethylene) provides 7 times more resistance to abrasion than conventional PP injection pumps.