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The production and use of electrical energy started in the developed Western countries at the end of the 1870s. The rapid development of the industry brought the need for electrical energy and energy production facilities were established. Pumps have an important place in energy production facilities. Power plants where pumps are used extensively are mostly thermal power plants.

To feed the condensate with water, thermal power plants are installed near rivers with high flow rates or on the seashore.
Especially in facilities using sea water, the material selection of the pump to be used is very important, since sea water is very corrosive. LOWARA LS / LC / LCP series pumps are produced from duplex stainless material especially for corrosive fluids. Depending on the water intake structure, horizontal centrifugal pumps can be used for many years without any material loss.

High pressure pumps are required for turbine cleaning and flue gas treatment in these facilities. HYDRA-CELL high pressure pumps reach up to 340 bar. High pressure water is pumped into the flue gas with HYDRA-CELL pumps in a pulverized form, removing dangerous pollutants from the flue gas for the atmosphere and helping to cool the flue gas.

ROTAN gear pumps used for viscous fluid transfer provide reliable transfer of fuel oil in power plants. This type of pump is equipped with ex-proof electric motor. Energy consumption in viscous fluid transfer is much lower than centrifugal pumps because of their positive displacement. These pumps are also offered as turnkey FUEL-OIL SKID system with filter system and control panel.

Some chemicals are injected into the system to protect the steam lines and improve the water used in power plants. Designed for heavy duty conditions, OBL dosing pumps successfully dosing corrosive fluids such as sulfuric acid (H2SO4), ferrous chloride (FeCl3) for water conditioning and ammonia and hydrazine injection to high pressure steam lines. Turnkey DOSAGE SKID systems can also be provided for these applications.