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In the age of the mining industry, it started to grow rapidly within a wide variety of industries. Many types of pumps are used for various purposes in the mining industry such as raw water supply, melt solutions, chemicals, dewatering, acid mine drainage.

Cyanide, uranium, particulate brine, soda, HCl etc. It is used in a wide variety of mining industries. With the samarium cobalt magnetic coating / barium ferrite magnetic coupling feature, VERDERMAG magnetic coupling pumps provide precise sealing in the transfer of chemicals.

In mining applications, products containing high concentration solid particles and 80% inorganic solid particles are transferred with a high quality peristaltic system with a VERDERFLEX hose pump.

In under thickener pump application, the fact that the fluid is very abrasive and contains a high proportion of solid particles makes it difficult to choose a pump.

VERDERFLEX VF Series peristaltic (Hose) pumps are the ideal solution for this demanding application. Slurry type centrifugal pumps lose efficiency when the density reaches 1.3 and the solids content reaches 30%.

There are serious demands with this limitation and abrasion can occur in a short time. Hose pumps offer serious advantages in size application compared to centrifugal pumps;

* Less water requirement

* Less energy

* Less maintenance and repair costs and spare parts costs

* Less trial

VERDERFLEX are problem solving pumps for under thickener pump application.