Building Services

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Building Services

The commercial building sector, which we encounter in all areas of our lives, is needed sensitive work environment. Since they are designed completely for people, quiet, economical and devices are desired.

LOWARA pump solutions for the commercial building sector are quiet and economical in the high energy class. Ecocirc XL series circulators used in the field of heating exhibit high performance with low noise levels and A class energy use with a high frequency inverter that provides fast adaptation for operating instructions.

In booster systems, which are indispensable pumps of the HVAC sector, the special report GVF series frequency inverter boosters with variable speed offer quiet and economical living environments with high efficiency IE3 class electric motors.

Horizontal centrifugal e-SH, e-NSC and inline e-LNE series pumps, which are used like air handling units and heating systems, show a successful performance with IE3 class motors and low noise levels. They can be used with a frequency inverter, providing full compatibility with building automation.

ZENIT wastewater products provide solutions for the removal of domestic wastes and rain water. ZENIT GR bluePRO series perform sludge transfer smoothly thanks to its special alloyed blades.

Completely water and odor-proof BlueBOX series wastewater units with self-tank promise a clean environment and eliminate the need for manhole.