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Domestic products include many products that we are aware of or do not know in our daily life. From the circulation pumps of the combi boilers in our homes to the small hydrophores that we irrigate our garden, from our pool to the hydrophore of our apartment, they are in our lives.

The most important feature of domestic applications is that they require silent and highly efficient pumps. You will hardly notice that the highly efficient and quiet LOWARA's ecocirc Basic & Premium and ecocirc XL / XL Plus pumps work in your heating system. It is a problem-free circulation pump forgotten in your heating system with low maintenance needs. GVF Series Package Boosters save you money with low energy consumption and allow you to spend more time with uninterrupted water supply.

The maintenance of a garden whose relaxing feature is indisputable and adorned with beautiful flowers and lush green grass is very important. MINI and SUPER series hydrophores are always at your service with low energy consumption to make your life easier for living spaces that add beauty to our lives such as villa and apartment garden irrigation and ornamental pools. ZENIT wastewater products provide solutions for the removal of household waste and rain water from your living space.

Completely water and odor resistant, self-contained BLUE BOX series waste water units promise a clean environment and completely eliminate the need for manholes. Domestic and multi-purpose STEEL and BLUE series drainage pumps, which save you and your vehicles from the puddles in your parking lots and gardens, offer excellent solutions. ZENIT domestic series pumps will continue to make your life easier without you even realizing it.