Arpon Energy Audit



Arpon Energy Audit

Climate change, industrialization and population growth increase the importance of water resources worldwide. By 2030, 700 million people are expected to migrate from the regions they live in due to water scarcity.

Although 70 percent of the world consists of water, the rate of fresh water is around 2.5. The Global Water Institute warns that half of the world's population will live with limited water resources by 2025, and by 2030, 700 million people will be forced to migrate from the regions they live in due to water scarcity. According to UNICEF, one in four schools in the world do not have clean drinking facilities. More than 700 children over the age of 5 die from unhygienic water. According to the research, while 2.1 billion people in the world are deprived of clean water, 70 percent of the fresh water in the world is used in agriculture. The high rate of this ratio, the increasing population, the conversion of electrical energy, the extraction of electrical energy reveal the necessity of producing new solutions in this field in the right and effective field.

By changing the ways of using energy, we can make current and future generations more efficient.

With a change in pump systems, we can benefit from both environmental and operating costs. pumps consume 10% of the world's electrical energy. By replacing the pumps in old systems, 4% savings can be achieved in the total energy consumption in the world. It can also drastically reduce pump maintenance and repairs while reducing CO2 emissions.

Today, energy efficiency has become important and many companies are starting to work hard to reduce energy consumption. Representing world-class leading companies in the field of pump solutions, ARPON works to help increase energy efficiency. Arpon pump operation is a measurement and analysis system for determining unnecessary energy consumption in the pumping system.

Energy audit according to measurements made by Arpon experts;

Countable values, flow and energy consumption

Analog values, pressure, pressure, temperature, water levels

pump start / stop, valve open / close

The audit evaluates the overall efficiency of your pumps and suggests changes to improve efficiency. The recommendations are supported by the savings to be made, the reduction in CO2 emissions and the calculation of the payback period for any investment.

What are the Benefits of the Project?

  • It reduces the energy costs of the business. (Up to 70% energy savings)
  • It reduces the CO2 Greenhouse Gas emission emitted by the business to the environment.
  • Provides maximum efficiency in pumps.
  • The scenario provides comfort with proper operation.
  • It provides to reduce maintenance costs and maintenance costs.
  • It provides project support to energy managers and energy units.